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Overcome Discipline, Willpower, & Motivation, and Finally Develop A Sustainable Approach To Nutrition

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What is Nutrition Rx'd?

Nutrition Rx’d is a two week crash course designed to make long-lasting change in your nutritional habits. We don’t cover macros, or calories, or carbs, or supplements. We coach you on the mindset change behind making long-lasting change. We believe you already know what to do, but it’s actually sticking to the plan which is the hard part. It’s creating the right mindset which will allow the success, confidence, and fitness you dream of.  

We deliver you video lessons through an online community, and our coaches will guide you every single day of the course to your goals.  

This is the only way to create long-lasting change

Human nature makes it tough to stay away from the wrong, but easy, choices. Add to that a lifetime of well-intentioned, but ultimately harmful advice, leading to a poor approach to nutrition, and you have a challenge on your hands. Neither of these points are impossible to overcome, but they certainly need addressing. Now you’ve found fitness and you turn up regularly to the box. Maybe you’ve even considered competitions. But still nutrition is a challenge.  

So you’ve tried nutrition plans which have been widely endorsed. You know they work, but you haven’t been able to get them to work for you. You’re busy, you struggle with emotional eating, and you think you don’t have the willpower to succeed. You’ve tried challenges at the box too. New Year's Resolutions always have body image or nutrition included. Yet you never make long-lasting progress.  

That’s because your mindset needs training, just like your physical body. It’s not enough to know about macros. You have to know about yourself. If you don’t, you’ll continue the vicious cycle of self-sabotage. If you do focus on training your mindset, you can liberate yourself from that trap.

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"I lost 3 kilos during the Nutrition Rx'd, but did so in a calm manner. I'll be able to sustain this. I now understand more of my internal dialect (mindset)...and I have been peaceful. I can push harder in the gym. I know I can now transfer this to other areas of my life too.  

This is a gentle process, like self-care for the brain. I will be kinder to myself and transfer that to others.  

Heartfelt thanks,


Nutrition Rx'd Includes

Personalised Coaching

Our expert coaches are ready to guide your journey with their experience and compassion.

Guided Exercises

Every single day, our coaches will provide you with exercises which will help you master your nutrition.

Video Tutorials

This tried and tested process will be delivered to you through short and impactful video tutorials.


We all need support in our journey, so we go through this as a team. We all support each other.


Our Question & Answer sessions will help you adapt your mindset journey when times get tough.

Support & Care

You are our proirity. What we care about is your progress and growth in your journey.

"I have learnt so much more about myself. I see there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’m less frustrated. I make better choices now."


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this a quick fix?

Mostly no, but yes too.  

When changing your mindset, you’re not only working against your entire lifetime of experience, but also human nature itself. This takes time. But sticking with the process we teach you, always leads to long-lasting change.  

Quick-fixes break. We want to give you the support and care you deserve so that you can master your nutrition and body composition.

That being said, many of the athletes who attend the course make significant changes to their mindset, their performance, and their body, in just two weeks.  

How does it work?

You’ll get access to a series of short videos, each explaining key concepts of mindset training for nutritional change. Each video will have an actionable, take home exercise for you to complete. You’ll then submit this exercise to one of our coaches who will review it and give you feedback. Daily, you’ll be submitting your mindset work to the coaches who will guide you in your journey to nutritional and mindset mastery.

There will also be access to our specialised community support group so you’ll be able to join a tribe of athletes just like you who are encountering the same challenges as you.

At the end, we’ll wrap up with a Question & Answer call where we will ensure any lingering questions you have are answered.  

Is Nutrition Rx'd for me?

Do you train at a box, take part in WODs, regularly snatch, do double unders, and squat? (Some would say CrossFit® athletes - but we don’t… for legal reasons). Are you making good progress, but your nutrition holds you back from really reaching your potential?  

You’ve tried a lot of approaches to nutrition (keto, macro counting, fasting, plan etc.), maybe even dabbled in mindset too, yet can’t seem to make it stick or get the results they seek. You're not world-class athletes, but you're no slouch either. You know how to work hard, but you're fed up with not being able to make consistent progress in your nutrition.  

Nutrition Rx'd is for those who want to make change in their nutrition, yes, but would love it if this transferred to their relationships, their work, their life outside the box, too.  

Will it work for me?

As long as you do the work. It requires some introspection. It requires taking a step back. When you do the work, it works.

How much does it cost?

About the same price as one good personal training session, or some new box swag - £75 (around $97 USD). With everything we do at Mindset Rx’d, this comes with a 110% money back guarantee. If you decide it’s not for you, will give you your money back, plus 10% extra.

"I have started to look beyond my surface story to see what’s the real story beneath, so I have really started to understand myself a bit more. I have been a lot more positive, rather than focusing on the negatives. I have had a glimpse of what it’s like to make choices about food without being judgemental. I have practiced paying attention and several times I have created the space between stimulus and response and been able to turn it into a decision, rather than a reaction."


How does mindset change work?

Your mindset is a collection of stories & beliefs you hold about the world. Most of these serve you, but a select few hinder your progress. With the help of our coaches, we will guide you to those stories & beliefs, then help you move beyond them, to a point where you are no longer controlled by non-serving beliefs.

Are you ready to write a new future for yourself?

The next Nutrition Rx’d course begins on 21st September 2020. There are limited spaces (20). We are taking on new course attendees now.

"I feel happier...slimmer...healthier… I feel in control. I can see a better me and can’t wait to continue this journey."



Get started for £75 ($95USD)

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"I have awareness and power over compulsive snacking. I am aware when I am emotional and am going to be better at not using food as comfort... I have confidence... Meal Prep is something I do like doing. At times I thought this course wasn't for me as I have other issues going on right now but actually it has helped me see issues I have had with food all my life and can now see how my life has affected my nutrition...This course has been valuable to me in more ways than just nutrition."