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What is Comp Prep?

Comp Prep is a two week crash course designed to give you the mental toolkit to perform your best when it matters most. It doesn't matter if you're competing on a global stage or just looking to turn up to the box as your best self, performing below your potential sucks. It often feels like you're lagging behind. You know you're capable of much more, but for some reason it's not consistently there. It's time to put an end to leaving your performance up to luck. It's time to take control of the outcome. We coach you on the mindset change behind optimal performance. We know that deep down, you're ready to unlock new levels of performance, but you're frustrated that you can't do that...

We take you on a journey to new levels of performance through a two week course of online videos and personalised coaching. We are going to teach you how to grow into your potential.  

Peak Performances Begin With Your Mindset 

You're here because you want to be the best possible version of yourself. You want to excel inside and outside of training. Right now though, you find yourself self-sabotaging when it counts. Let's be honest for just a moment though - it's what you expect to happen now. Because you expect it, that's the path which unfolds. This is the power of mindset. If you change that expectation, you will perform at your best.

Your physical performance is the end result of your mindset. Change your mindset and you'll change your success.

You've probably tried custom programming, personal training, and all kinds of tips & tricks, and it helped somewhat, but things aren't where you'd like them to be. You still seek that free feeling...that lightness...that's not going to just happen consistently unless you work for it. You train your body in a very deliberate fashion. Now it's time to train your mindset too. Living up to your potential relies on it.

It's not enough to rely on luck, or even physical fitness. Success is about turning up as your best self - in body and mind. If you don't train your mindset, you'll always feel like you could have given more - been better. If you do train your mindset, you'll be fulfilled.

Unleash Your Potential for just £75 ($95 USD)

"My mental training and my mindset preparation is just as important - if not more important - than the training that I do in the gym."  

Brent Fikowski - CrossFit Games® silver medalist - Mindset RX'd Athlete

Brent Fikowski

Comp Prep Includes

Personalised Coaching

Our expert coaches are ready to guide your journey with their experience and help.

Guided Exercises

Every single day, our coaches will provide you with exercises which will help you Comp Prep.

Video Tutorials

We'll begin to teach you what you've been missing through a series of short, but powerful videos.


We all need support in our journey, so we go through this as a team. We all support each other. #TeamBrainGains


Our Question & Answer sessions will allow you personalise your journey, so you get all the help you need.

Support & Care

You are our proirity. What we care about is your progress and growth in your journey.

“My intensity tolerance has increased so much, I have fun and know how to approach various workouts...honestly I never believed I could perform at a level I am, to the point where others notice and comment on how impressive my performances are.”  

Danny, AKA Leachy

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is this a quick fix?

Mostly no, but yes too.  

When changing your mindset, you’re not only working against your entire lifetime of experience, but also human nature itself. This takes time. But sticking with the process we teach you, always leads to long-lasting change.  

Quick-fixes break. We want to give you the support and care you deserve so that you can master your performance, begin living up to your potential.

That being said, many of the athletes who attend the course make significant changes to their mindset, their performance, and their body, in just two weeks.  

How does it work?

You’ll get access to a series of short videos, each explaining key concepts of mindset training for athletic mastery. Each video will have an actionable, take home exercise for you to complete. You’ll then submit this exercise to one of our coaches who will review it and give you feedback. Daily, you’ll be submitting your mindset work to the coaches who will guide you in your journey to athletic, and mindset mastery.

There will also be access to our specialised community support group so you’ll be able to join a tribe of athletes just like you who are encountering the same challenges as you.

At the end, we’ll wrap up with a Question & Answer call where we will ensure any lingering questions you have are answered.  

Is this only for competitors?

Not at all! If you just want to perform your best, this will help you out.

Is Comp Prep for me?

Do you train at a box, take part in WODs, regularly snatch, do double unders, and squat? (Some would say CrossFit® athletes - but we don’t… for legal reasons). Are you making good progress, but your mindset holds you back from really performing at your best?

You've tried everything when it comes to performance, and even dabbled in some mindset stuff. But it's never really stuck. Occassionally you feel like "yes, this is it", but as quickly as that state came about, it's gone.

Comp Prep is for those athletes who want to live their best life in all areas. They're ready to upgrade their performance and overcome a limiting mindset. If you believe there's more to you than you're currently showing to the world, this is for you.  

Will it work for me?

As long as you do the work. It requires some introspection. It requires taking a step back. When you do the work, it works.

How much does it cost?

About the same price as one good personal training session, or some new box swag - £75 (around $97 USD). With everything we do at Mindset Rx’d, this comes with a 110% money back guarantee. If you decide it’s not for you, will give you your money back, plus 10% extra.

What if I don't have a competition coming up immediately?

No worries! This course will prepare you well in advance. In fact, the more time you have before your course start date, the better, as you'll have more time to practise what we discuss.

“I have done 3 comps since I have worked with mindset RX’d and I can tell you they have been a completely different experience to previously. Don’t get me wrong I still get pre wod butterflies but I am no longer sabotaging myself. I have a completely different view on both comps and life. I now have self belief and more confidence and have learnt to enjoy it. Effort over outcome always!”  


How does mindset change work?

Your mindset is a collection of stories & beliefs you hold about the world. Most of these serve you, but a select few hinder your progress. With the help of our coaches, we will guide you to those stories & beliefs, then help you move beyond them, to a point where you are no longer controlled by non-serving beliefs.

Are you ready to write a new future for yourself?

The next Comp Prep course begins on 29th June 2020. There are limited spaces (10). We are taking on new course attendees now.

"I'm no longer panicking. I stay in my own lane. My WOD is my WOD. I'm focussed now...I can't believe the improvements."



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"I am more aware of my self talk and the way my subconscious thinks. It’s made me a better athlete but surprisingly a better human in all aspects...I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Just like with anything that we do, either in the gym or in life, things will work better if we work on those things."